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At Harcourt we take security seriously. All electronic files and data - both our own and our clients' -are backed up daily and removed off the premises so that, in the case of unforeseen disaster, client files would be protected and preserved and any outstanding print requirements could be produced as and when required with little or no delay. Our contingency plans include resumption of regular schedules within 24 hours.

Harcourt's computer systems are continuously protected against viruses by the strongest available anti-viral software and by constant and vigilant monitoring. All incoming and outgoing data is automatically swept to prevent contamination.

Both our main premises and our warehouse are protected against fire by alarms and a sprinkler system, against theft by coded-access entry and constantly-recorded CCTV And, as a final precaution, a proportion of all warehoused items is always held in a separate location from the main storage facility.

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